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// January 28-29, 2016
// Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes pour la Microfluidique
     8-9 rue Jean Calvin,  75005 PARIS


IMP-CEMEF-ESPCI 1st Workshop
Flow and Processing of Highly Filled Materials


Organizing Committee


François Lequeux :

Guylaine Ducouret :

Philippe Cassagnau :

Rudy Valette :


Framework and objectives.


This workshop aims to explore the recent advances in Highly Filled Materials a relevant topic widely encountered in the field of rubber, thermoplastics, concrete suspensions and ceramic pastes. The current tendency is to strongly increase the filler concentration, but this results in many new processing issues. Indeed these systems no longer behave like classical polymer melts, but more similar to pastes and slurries, the rheology of which remains puzzling. On the academic side, much progress is emerging in the field of flow and processing of these highly concentrated systems, and various experimental tools and models have been developed.

The format of the workshop is designed to foster dialogue and exchange between leading academic scientists and experts from industry, who will give their understanding/perspective on the flow and process issues of highly concentrated suspensions in polymers solutions or polymer melts.


This workshop focused on in-depth discussion is open to engineers and researchers from academia and industry.


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